Ohana: The Hawaiian word for family.

Meaning to plant or plan for the following generations.


Earth Is `Ohana is an immersive and adaptable environmental educational framework which explores the question, “How do we practice returning home to our landscapes in order to regenerate our relationship with the earth?”

Holistic in design and hands - on in implementation, this curriculum aims to heal social and environmental divides by finding connection to ourselves, each other and ultimately the spaces we live in. Earth Is `Ohana classes offer a unique introduction into the field of Spiritual Ecology through the perspective of a First Nations womxn.

Earth Is `Ohana is a new invitation into Earth Stewardship, fostered through connection with self, land and the joy that so often encompasses this feeling of coming home.

I want to envision a way that an immigrant society could become indigenous to place, but I’m stumbling on the words. Immigrants cannot by definition be indigenous. Indigenous is a birthright word. No amount of time or caring changes history or substitutes for soul-deep fusion with the land. But if people do not feel “indigenous,” can they nevertheless enter into the deep reciprocity that renews the world? Is this something that can be learned? Where are the teachers?
— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Author