Sample classes

Earth Is `Ohana is scaleable and adaptable to space, number of participants and length of time. Inquire today for tailor made classes.

All Earth Is `Ohana classes require no prerequisite knowledge or training, and welcomes:

  • Diversity of age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, faith/spirituality, and heritage.

  • Anyone looking to step into or refine their contribution here on Earth today.

  • Those curious in new narratives for environmental, social and racial justice.

  • Anyone seeking a more balanced way of change making, including spiritual individuals seeking to become more active, and activists wanting to explore more spiritual approaches


Spiritual Ecology & Returning Home to the Land


About: Utilizing the strength of group dialogue, personal reflection and honoring of place, this class is a path towards understanding the Anthropocene and how we can begin reconnecting to our biosphere, the sacred and our own unique relationship with the places we call home. A perfect introductory framing for anyone asking “What is Spiritual Ecology?”

Reawakening Resilience

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About: “Reawakening Resilience” offers an introduction to the popular concept of resilience as a first step towards cultivating spiritual and social capacity to take on these challenging times. Together we will gather to nurture deeper strength within ourselves and for our communities through a series of creative experiences such as designing our own resilience banks. This class is a primer on spiritual ecology and sacred activism as well as an opportunity to cultivate practices, prayers, and interpersonal connections for building resilience.

Democracy And Our Digital Selves


About: “How can we begin critically thinking about our screen time, public health and democracy?” “How are these topics even related?” This is a class focused on deconstructing the shame built up around screen addiction and supporting participants in creating connections from their online world’s to our public and political spheres. Part theory, part discussion, part intro to organizing, this is a special offering developed for anyone that uses Google or social media.

Remembrance & Rematriation


About: In service to remembering the matriarchy and femme body and spirit back into power, “Remembrance and Rematriation” was designed to awaken questions around colonization, consent and what it could mean to inhabit the earth’s body as our own. This is a deeply reflective space dedicated to the work of rematriation and coming home to place through our own stories of birth.

A Conversation On Collective Liberation

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About: Inspired by Fannie Lou Hammer’s proclamation that “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free,” “A Conversation On Collective Liberation” aims to create a supportive space around the question, “What will it take for us to come together during these divisive times?” Participants will spend time exploring what collective liberation means to them and themes related to justice, holding nuance, solidarity, and understanding and aligning their frontlines.

This workshop makes visible the invisible through interactive discussion and practicing the core tenents of deep listening.