Earth Is `Ohana is a practical educational course aiming to reconnect our relationship to the earth as a tool to fight our environmental reality. During the course participants become aware of the increasing deterioration of our land and resources through simple and relatable activities. Earth is `Ohana is a space to stop and feel what it is we’re surrounded by, what it is we don’t want to lose and how we can work together to survive the upcoming transition.
— Kiana Maldonado M., Mexico

Earth Is `Ohana built love for our responsibilities, imbued us with the power to hold space for each other and shared invaluable frameworks for change in lasting ways.
— Robbie Solway, Canada

The space of learning and sharing created and facilitated by Kailea was deeply integrative and nurturing. Our voices and silences were welcomed and respected in ways that made me feel safe in sharing my questions and thoughts. Also, the combination of spoken, visual and active/interactive learning and sharing activities was very helpful and expanding.
— Francesco Ercoli Serrao, Portugal