Remembering What We Stand For

Ive been marinating in the words below for the last 3 days because they eloquently bring to life how I feel most days. Please, let's remember the power of diverse view points, critical thinking and the root of the word compassion; meaning to be able to suffer with. An active way of practicing empathy. I'm wouldn't post this if I wasn't open to discussion so, please, let's talk.


"With regards to the rise of NeoMcCarthyism on the left: 
To those empowered by recently acquired knowledge of the pervasive corruption, cronyism, and treachery inherent to imperialism, colonialism, racism, manifest destiny, patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, etc. I commend you. Welcome to the movement.

However, the swift reprisal of anyone who may not parrot the popular opinion of the week is a counterproductive measure. Disagreement is healthy. Infighting is not. 
Those activists who may have moved through much of the rage-stage do not necessarily become any less wrathful, nor have they ceased sharpening their spears. 
Activism takes place on a wide spectrum, upon which an individual may shift throughout life. To expect all allies to share the same opinions & strategies at all times is groupthink. It is also Totalitarian. 
In previous years, alternative news was coveted due to its rarity, yet today we are incessantly bombarded with ceaseless data. Due to the age-old marketing strategy of breeding mass outrage in order to garner more views/support/attention/affirmation, many seasoned activists have taken to resisting the distraction-factory by observing longer periods of relative silence. Such silence should not be confused with apathy. Rather, it is strategic.

Outrage fatigue is real and our movement is in the thick of it.

A movement currently hijacked by hatred. Yet fighting hatred with hatred is a zero-sum game. To be clear: anger and hatred are not one in the same. 
Anger can be a tool. 
Hatred is cumbersome. 
Self-defense is a powerful force.
Revenge seeking is blinding. 
Our movement has lost this nuance.
Our movement is rewarding groupthink.
Our movement is losing compassion. 
Our movement has lost sight of the long-game. Where short term "wins" and stirring up the next great controversy are becoming as addictive as fb likes. 
It is a truism that the ends don't justify the means. We must do our best to embody now that which we strive to become in the future. Collectively and personally. 
It brings me great concern, because if we lose sight of peace in our attempts to create a more peaceful world, what will remain that is worth fighting for?" - Summer Starr