Coming Home

Coming Home: An Online Journal

"We cannot restore our relationship with the Earth until we find our place in the world. This is our challenge today: where is home?" - Winona LaDuke

Coming Home, is Earth Is `Ohana's online journal.  Inspired greatly by the above question from Winona LaDuke, Coming Home aims to be a space of exploring the challenge posed. Finding home is no easy task in a globalized world, where the western ideals of success ask us to do just the opposite, to leave home and to venture far from the cultures that held us. Yet we know that now more than ever we must began to find our home again, we must remember what it meant to be stewards of the communities we come from and the spaces that surround them. This is after all what the Earth Is `Ohana curriculum wishes to support. 

Each month, Earth Is `Ohana will also be featuring a reading that supports this deep quest. The invitation is to read along and to add your voice into the conversation. It is my staunch belief that through collaborative learning we can continue the process of unraveling the knot that is our multi faceted cultural, political and environmental crisis. 

This month's reading is Joanna Macy's, 'Widening Circles', a memoir that takes the reader across continents as Macy follows her deep intuitional pull that eventually leads to the creation of her body of work, 'The Work That Reconnects'. Macy's recounting posed many questions to me on the possibility of bridge building, as she weaves between the worlds of Christianity, Buddhism and systems thinking.  This is a highly recommended read, especially for those interested in the fields Deep Ecology and Spiritual Ecology.

More than anything, Coming Home aims to be a place of stimulation and creativity. A virtual platform of nourishment in support of reintegration back into our living world. 

Meduh :: Mahalo,