Bring the Spiritual Ecology Book Shelf Home

Create your own local book club

As an act of “think globally, act locally” Earth Is `Ohana invites you to start your own local chapter of the Spiritual Ecology Book Shelf. To - date the online component of the Spiritual Ecology Book Shelf is the only online container that Earth Is `Ohana has ever created. As much as the internet can be a place of incredible connection, at the core Earth Is `Ohana believes in the importance of creating and moving back into offline and in-person spaces. The Spiritual Ecology Book Shelf is a perfect way to be in local conversation while feeling part of a larger movement. If you would like to start your own chapter of the Spiritual Ecology Book Shelf here are a few ideas on how to get started!

Reach Out To Me

Drop me a line with any questions and let me know when and where your book club will be starting. I will send you a simple resource document with creative ways on how to host conversations, give your club a share through my newsletter and IG and be sure to send friends your way that live in your area!

Find A Location & Invite Friends

Book clubs are a simple way to connect with friends and community members over topics and conversations that are important to you. Share a little about what Spiritual Ecology means to you when inviting friends to join and when looking for spaces to host out of!

Read Along

Every Sunday I post an excerpt and prompt here and on my IG to enrich reading on the current book. I am always looking to collaborate with others on picking reads, creating prompts and widening the conversation.