An immersive curriculum and practice on returning home to the land.

Loam x Earth Is 'Ohana: Rituals for Resilience (Digital)




Inspired by a workshop on building resilience through spiritual ecology that Kailea Frederick of Earth Is ‘Ohana and Kate Weiner of Loam taught in March 2018, Rituals for Resilience interweaves embodied practices for cultivating resilience with enriching resources to support spiritual and social resilience.

In this digital zine you’ll find:

A primer on spiritual ecology and resilience

A guide to creating your own “resilience bank” 

An in-depth exploration of “planting prayers” as a resilience practice


Six rituals to cultivate resilience

Healing herbs to support resilience

An herbal tea recipe to nourish a resilient spirit

A curated list of inspiring projects, organizations, and reads to resource